Sizzle Arts International Fashion Exchange Designer Program

  1. Global Fashion Exchange Program
    • Goal: Facilitate cultural exchange and global market understanding.
    • Activities: Establish exchange programs with fashion schools and companies around the world; organize international design workshops; host foreign designers at local events to foster global industry connections.


Mission Statement: “Global Design Exchange (GDE) is committed to bridging cultural and creative divides by bringing together foreign and local designers to collaborate, share, and innovate. Our mission is to enrich the global design community by promoting cross-cultural exchanges and fostering enduring partnerships. We aim to create a dynamic platform where designers  and artists from around the world can showcase their talents, gain insights into diverse design practices, and contribute to a global dialogue on sustainable and innovative design.”


  1. International Designer Showcase
    • Goal: Provide a platform for foreign designers to present their work to a new audience, gaining exposure and feedback.
    • Activities: Host annual showcases featuring designers from various countries. Each event includes runway shows, exhibitions, and pop-up shops where designers can sell their creations. These events are publicized widely to attract a diverse audience, including industry professionals, media, and the general public.

Company Profile: MF Fashion

Biography of Marjorie Fernandes

Marjorie Fernandes is a distinguished fashion designer known for her innovative blending of cultural aesthetics, combining African designs with contemporary European influences. Born and raised in Poland, Marjorie developed a passion for fashion at a young age, influenced by the vibrant cultural tapestry of her home country as well as by her extensive travels across Europe and Africa.

In 2016, after gaining substantial experience in the fashion industry through various collaborations and projects, Marjorie founded Marjorie Fernandes Fashion (MFF). Her move to a larger showroom in Rotterdam marked a significant step in her career, where she aimed to establish a fashion house that embraced diversity in design and offered unique, personalized clothing options for women. Her designs are characterized by their vibrant use of colors, sophisticated fabric choices, and the integration of ethnically inspired patterns and textiles that pay homage to her mixed cultural heritage.

Marjorie’s work reflects her deep respect for her roots as well as her progressive approach to fashion. She is particularly noted for using materials that connect traditional African elements with modern styles, creating pieces that are not only fashionable but also culturally significant. This unique approach has not only set her apart in the bustling European fashion scene but has also earned her recognition in the African fashion industry, where she remains actively involved.

Business Operations: Marjorie operates Marjorie Fernandes Fashion as both an online and offline boutique, which allows her to reach a global clientele. Her main business operations are based out of her showroom in Rotterdam, where she continues to explore and expand her design portfolio. Her business serves as a platform for showcasing her commitment to diversity in fashion, offering exclusive styles that cater to a clientele looking for something beyond the ordinary.

Through her work, Marjorie Fernandes has become a symbol of grace, elegance, and innovation, empowering women around the world with her unique and inspiring designs. Her commitment to merging different cultural influences into her fashion line not only highlights her creative prowess but also her dedication to making the fashion industry more inclusive and diverse.


Marjorie Fernandes Fashion (MFF) was established in 2016 and is the culmination of Marjorie Fernandes’s experience in the fashion industry. After various collaborations involving styling projects and fashion shows in Poland and the USA, designer Marjorie Fernandes moved to a larger showroom in Rotterdam with a singular vision to create a fashion house offering a diversity of unique clothing choices and exclusive personal styles for women.

Marjorie Fernandes has developed and followed the evolution of fashion with a keen interest in blending African designs with contemporary European styles and ethnic influences. The materials, which embrace their roots while forging a new path through Western Europe and the African fashion industry, have inspired her to innovate.

Description of Fashion Label

Marjorie Fernandes Fashion operates both online and offline as a boutique. The brand “Marjorie Fernandes Fashion” symbolizes a beautiful woman characterized by grace, calmness, elegance, and beauty.

Her  garments are refined with color details such as satin, soft cotton, and denim chiffon that bring the quality of fabrics into everyday life. They strike a perfect balance between unconventional colors and a feminine hue, symbolizing creativity, vitality, optimism, and youthfulness.