Sizzle Arts Presents Women’s History Month Celebration Honoring Women In Arts

Sizzle Arts embarks on a mission to celebrate Women’s History Month with an exclusive virtual presentation that honors and highlights the significant contributions of women in the arts. This presentation is designed to shine a spotlight on the achievements, creativity, and resilience of female artists who have made a mark in their respective fields. Through this initiative, Sizzle Arts aims to not only commemorate these women but also to inspire future generations of artists by showcasing the diverse talents and perspectives that women bring to the art world.


Debbie Eschoe is a Jamaican born Visual Artist who lives in New York City. She studied film photography in college and is a self taught digital artist who spent the last decade honing her skills. Debbie is versed in a variety of mediums – photography, painting, graphic and web design to name a few but her primary focus is digital photography. She is also one of   the curators of the art blog, Sizzle Arts launched in 2017. Debbie’s diverse body of work was  on display with her first photography exhibition on Saturday, April 28th 2018 in her adoptive hometown of New York City.


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Double Exposure Flowers


Movements by Debbie Eschoe