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Our mission is to inspire and engage the public by sharing exceptional modern and contemporary art. We aim to ignite a passion for art and create meaningful connections between artists and the community. By showcasing remarkable works, we strive to foster appreciation, dialogue, and understanding of the artistic expressions that shape our world. Through our endeavors, we aspire to make art accessible, thought-provoking, and enriching for all.

Causes: Arts & Culture, Arts Education

Mission: Sizzle Arts extends inclusive artistic opportunities to children in the New York City area who encounter socio-economic, physical, or emotional obstacles in their pursuit of exploring the arts. In collaboration with youth organizations, Sizzle Arts connects professional artists with these children, fostering self-confidence, self-expression, teamwork, resilience, and creativity. By offering accessible avenues in fashion, photography, beauty, and art, Sizzle Arts empowers these young individuals to overcome barriers and embrace their artistic potential.

Target demographics: Through the lens of various artistic disciplines, children acquire essential life skills, including creativity, self-confidence, self-expression, resilience, and teamwork. These skills are nurtured and developed as children engage with different forms of art, allowing them to explore their imagination, express themselves authentically, build confidence in their abilities, develop a resilient mindset, and collaborate effectively with others.

Direct beneficiaries per year: -served children in the New York City area.

Geographic areas served: New York City schools and community organizations with little to no arts funding.

Programs & Events :  Sizzle Arts Festival.  Beauty Fashion Week , Fashion Sizzle NYFW ,  Instant Stunner Makeover

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