Young Gods Clothing Showcases @ NY Fashion Week Produced By Sizzle Arts


Fashion Sizzle  provides a platform for independent and emerging designers  and brands to showcase their latest collections during New York Fashion Week 2016.  Young Gods Clothing brand participated in the event which was produced by Sizzle Arts.

“Empowering Young Minds Through Style and Creativity”Organizing a fashion show for kids can be a fun and engaging way to promote creativity, confidence, and community involvement. At Sizzle Arts
we believe in fostering the creative spirit and self-expression of young minds through our Kids’ Fashion Show. Our mission is to provide a platform where children can explore the world of fashion, develop their unique styles, and build confidence in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Eunika Simmons  is a self-taught designer born in 1982 and raised in the Artistic Kingdom of Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn being so full of diversity has had a huge impact on shaping her aesthetic perspective.

This diversity is draped in her fashion art collections as well as African influence which holds the birth place of her roots. By infusing contemporary fashion and African culture she birthed her clothing brand “Naked Roots”. This Brand features exotic eccentric jackets, coats, dresses and other wearable art that’s bold, beautiful, unique, original and definitely one of a kind.

While her Fashion Brand Naked Roots mainly caters to women and on occasion men, “Young Gods” Fashion Brand focuses on young boys and girls. Young Gods is owned by her two sons Nigel age 14 and Carlos age 10 who are both entrepreneurs.