MICHAEL FILAN Artist Profile

Artist Statement

My painting process has become brushless. The gestures, drips and splashes that unite my work have become increasingly more intricate over time and address viewers in a language that is private, intense and consistently self-referential. Within the context of abstraction, I am constantly inventing a new vocabulary that employs gesture, form and notation. The intensity of color is used as a mystical guide that leads me through the creation process. The color is both bold and inviting with screams of bright yellow oranges and reds.

The color hides and peaks out at very special transitions in the paintings. The speed and movement of color are always imploring the viewer to take a second and third look.Spatial planes are created on the painting’s surface that offer resting points for viewers to pause before further embarking on a journey of exploration. The issue of gravity and its pull to the earth have an important task in my painting process. The element of surprise when gravitational pulls cause the paint to separate in the action of falling to the earths loves the pools of [paint that develop at the edge of the painting. Sometimes the pools of paint create an Exciting edge to the painting


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