Donald Spencer Artist Profile


Donald Spencer attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, Ohio before earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ohio Wesleyan University and entering New York University for graduate study in art education. He received a fellowship to paint in NYC under the sponsorship of the Whitney Museum of American Art and later worked under the private tutelage of Donn Steward, a master print-maker at Universal Limited Art Editions. His paintings were the recent subject of a Parson’s New School for Design article by color theory lecturer and author Marcie Cooperman. His 2013 painting “Labyrinth” was recently awarded the highest recognition by an international panel of judges representing International Contemporary Art and Sculpture (ICAS). This award brought with it exhibition opportunities in London. His work has been exhibited in USA galleries, museums and universities.

Spencer’s recent paintings are rooted in the energy and experimentation found in abstract expressionism. As an artist, he frequently merges classic painting and printmaking techniques to produce dynamic and beautiful paintings of extraordinary depth, subtlety, richness of color and striking luminosity.


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